Traffic Calming Measures (Speed Camera)

Speed Cameras In The 

Town of Brentwood

In January 2022 the Town of Brentwood Town Council approved Speed Calming Devices (Speed Cameras) at designated locations through the Maryland State Highway Administration.


  • The fine for a speed camera citation is currently $40.00. Citations are issued if a vehicle is traveling 12 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit. No points are issued to drivers' licenses and speed camera fines do not impact auto insurance premium
  • Failure to pay a speed camera citation can result in a vehicle being flagged. Flagged vehicles may not be able to be registered
  • New speed camera locations are given a 30-day notice period before citations are issued.

The 2014 Speed Monitoring Systems Reform Act (House Bill 929) requires all governments with speed camera programs to designate an ombudsman and program administrator.


Program Administrator

Deputy Chief I. Alli 301-864-1858


Traffic Camera Ombudsman

A. Contreras (301)-864-1858


Additional Questions


How to Pay Speed Camera Citations, Via Mail, Web, or Phone


Pay by Mail

Mail your check or money order made payable to the Town of Brentwood along with the citation form t0


Town of Brentwood

PO Box 17418

Baltimore MD. 21297-1418


Pay by Phone

(866) 979-4824 TTY -MD Relay: 711

You will need the 11-digit citation number or your license plate number


Pay Online

Requesting a Court Date

You may request to appear in District Court by returning the completed form, at least five (5) days before being shown on the front of the notice and return it to the Town of Brentwood PO Box 17418 Baltimore MD. 21297-1418. If you appear in court, the maximum you will be charged is a $40.00 fine plus court costs.


Transfer of Liability

If you, as the registered owner, were not operating the vehicle at the time of the infraction and you choose to identify the person who was, you shall provide to the District Court a sworn to and affirmed statement and mail by certified mail. Your statement must indicate you swear and affirm that the person named in the citation was not operating the vehicle and include any corroborating evidence. All requests must be received no later than thirty days after the mail date of the citation. Send your request in an envelope marked “Transfer of Liability” to:


If the person operating the vehicle admits to the violation and would like to pay for the citation, a Transfer of Liability does not need to be requested. Either the registered owner or operator can make the payment.


Locations of Speed Cameras in the Town of Brentwood

The Town of Brentwood has three (3) fixed portable speed camera units. Portable speed camera units are moved between approved locations.


Locations of Speed Cameras in the Town of Brentwood

Windom Road between 34th Street and 37th Street

Allison Street between 34th Street and 37th Street

Rhode Island Avenue (US Route 1) 3900 Block (North & South Bound)


Windom Road Camera

Allison Street Camera - Box-----------------------------------------------------------------------------US Route 1 B-----------------US Route 1 A

(301) 864-1858
The Town of Brentwood, Maryland Announced the planned deployment of Automated Traffic Enforcement Cameras to locations throughout the Town Of Brentwood, Maryland. The camera locations are traffic sites where data analysis has identified speeding and stop signs running as public safety issues.
Authorized by Maryland Transportation Code 21-809 and local town ordinance, vehicles traveling twelve (12) mph or more over the posted speed limit may be issued a citation. Violations carry a civil penalty of $40.00, there are no points or insurance impacts. 
Starting February 1, 2022, The Brentwood Police Department will begin the 30 day warning period for the program. The following locations may/will have Speed Cameras. Speed Camera locations will also be posted on the town’s website.
• Rhode Island Ave 3700 to 4400 block
• Allison Street 3400 to 3900 block
• 38th Street 3800 to 4500 block
• 37th Street 3600 to 4500 block
• Perry Street 3700 block
• Taylor Street 3400 to 3700 block
• Volta Ave 3700 to 4000 block
• Windom Road 3400 to 3700 block 
If you have any general questions contact the Town Of Brentwood at (301) 927-3344 or 

(301) 864-1858
La ciudad de Brentwood, Maryland, anunció el despliegue planificado de cámaras automáticas de control de tráfico en ubicaciones en toda la ciudad de Brentwood, Maryland. Las ubicaciones de las cámaras son sitios de tráfico donde el análisis de datos ha identificado el exceso de velocidad y las señales de alto como problemas de seguridad pública.
Autorizados por el Código de Transporte de Maryland 21-809 y la ordenanza local de la ciudad, los vehículos que viajen doce (12) mph o más por encima del límite de velocidad indicado pueden recibir una citación. Las infracciones conllevan una sanción civil de $40.00, no hay puntos ni impactos en el seguro.
A partir del 1 de febrero de 2022, el Departamento de Policía de Brentwood comenzará el período de advertencia de 30 días para el programa. Las siguientes ubicaciones pueden/tendrán radares de tráfico. Las ubicaciones de los radares de tráfico también se publicarán en el sitio web de la ciudad.
Si tiene alguna pregunta general, comuníquese con la ciudad de Brentwood al (301) 927-3344 o
• Rhode Island Ave 3700 to 4400 block
• Allison Street 3400 to 3900 block
• 38th Street 3800 to 4500 block
• 37th Street 3600 to 4500 block
• Perry Street 3700 block
• Taylor Street 3400 to 3700 block
• Volta Ave 3700 to 4000 block
• Windom Road 3400 to 3700 block 
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