Code Enforcement

The mission of Code Enforcement is to enhance and sustain the quality of life of our residents.

The purpose of the Code Enforcement Office is to promote, protect, and improve the safety, health, and welfare of our residents. This is accomplished by providing equitable, expeditious and effective enforcement of our town codes.

Compliance is our goal. This is usually accomplished with an initial friendly contact with the violator. If compliance is not obtained a citation is issued and sent by mail, which ultimately, if not corrected could result in a fine. As a last resort in cases where the citation is ignored, we request that it be heard in District Court before a judge for a ruling, possibly resulting in a fine and/or order of abatement from the court.


The Code Enforcement Office has a lot of duties assigned with the performance of the job some but not all are listed below: 

  • Inspects properties to determine compliance with various codes as in:
  • Inspects properties to enforce compliance to codes governing high grass, weeds, accumulations of trash and vermin infestations, posting and removal of inoperable or unregistered vehicles.
  • Inspects for hazardous conditions or nuisances such as abandoned vehicles, discarded piles of building materials etc.
  • Performs inspections and re-inspections of residential and commercial rental properties to verify life safety requirements, and that all heating and plumbing and, electrical systems are working properly.
  • Monitors home construction/renovations, fences installations/repairs and related activities for building permit compliance.
  • Investigates construction work being performed without required permits and issues a "Stop Work" order on the property, until required Prince George's County and Town of Brentwood building permits are obtained.
  • Investigates animal nuisances and talks to owners about animal ordinances, issues fines if needed.
  • Investigates and reports to Animal Control animals that are allowed to roam loose, not under their owners control.
  • Enforces parking regulations near elementary school during the daily opening and closing times of the school, when school is in session.
  • Enforces parking regulations by issuing tickets.
  • Ensures that all ordinances regarding snow and ice removal in winter are being enforced. Fines are issued if property owners are not in compliance.