Posted on: May 16, 2017

Mosquito Control Initiatives

Dear Residents of Brentwood,
During our May 17 Town Council Meeting, we have invited an entomologist from the Department of Agriculture to discuss Mosquito Control Initiatives. The town of Brentwood is currently included in this year’s adult mosquito control program. Essentially, this program is done at night with a truck-mounted, ultra-low volume aerosol generator with the principle insecticide being synthetic pyrethroid diluted in mineral oil. There is also another method the Department uses that is considered by the Department as being more effective and more environmentally friendly that is termed larval mosquito control. This is also an option that we as a Town can employ. We encourage anyone with interests about mosquitos, Zika, or the effects of spraying on non-target organisms (such as pollinators) to attend this information session and meeting. The Council will vote on use of the Program after the presentation and public comment period. It should be noted that any resident can “opt-out” of the ground spraying. Any individual may request that their property and a surrounding buffer up to 300 feet on all sides be excluded from the adult mosquito control event. If a resident opts out of the spraying, they MUST submit a written request to opt out to:
Maryland Department of Agriculture, 50 Harry S. Truman Parkway Annapolis, MD 21114. A copy of their written request MUST also be submitted to the Town of Brentwood as well.
Details are on the links below.
Mosquito Control Home Page: http://mda.maryland.gov/plants-pests/Pages/mosquito_control.aspx
Exemption Information: http://mda.maryland.gov/plants-pests/Documents/NewExemption%202016-1.pdf
Hope to see folks at the meeting!
Jerry L. Burgess, Councilman

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