1. A series of five Open Houses for the Maglev Train Project

    A series of five Open Houses are being held between 10/14/17 and 10/25/17 to provide opportunities for the attendees to review and comment Read on...
  2. ORDINANCE 2017-08 Single Family and Multi-dwelling Fees

    Notice is hereby given that the Mayor and Council for the Town of Brentwood will hold second reading and hearing for Ordinance 2017-08. This ordinance establishes a fee for single family and multi-dwelling units in the Town of Brentwood Oct 18 at 7 pm. Read the Ordinance...
  3. Nature Notes: Following the Recycling Stream

    Every Friday morning Bates Trucking Crew makes its way through the neighborhood to pick up recyclable materials from our curbside. Most of us are left with a nagging series of questions: Where do those materials go once they're picked up? Read on...
  4. Dial 911

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